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Cadillac Seville Window Motors and Parts

Cadillac is a company known for making luxury vehicles like the Seville. Produced between 1975 and 2004, the Seville came out in five different generations. When your windows stop working, you can get Cadillac Seville window motors and parts to fix each one.

How does a Cadillac Seville's window motor work?

Cadillac designed early models of the Seville with a window crank on the door. This crank moved in one direction to roll the glass down and the opposite direction to roll the window up. Later editions of the Seville featured power switches that did the same thing. These switches have buttons attached to each window in the car. You can use one or more buttons to control a specific window or all windows. The switches send a signal to the regulator, which is what actually makes the window move.

What Cadillac Seville parts are there?

As the Cadillac Seville comes in different generations, it's important that you get parts that work with your model. The main difference is that Cadillac makes cranks rather than switches for some generations. Some of the parts that you may need to replace on your Cadillac Seville window include:

  • Switch: Depending on the window, you may need a switch with several buttons or more. Those on the passenger side have just one switch that controls that window. You need the same type for rear windows. The switch for the driver side will have buttons for each window.
  • Regulator: Inside the window is something called the regulator, which is what holds the auto glass in your Seville. It also goes by the name of a lift assembly. When you hit a switch on your door, the regulator is what causes the glass to actually move.
  • Motor: Your Cadillac will also have a motor inside the door if you have power windows. This motor gets a signal from the switch that it then sends to the regulator.
  • Wiring: Cadillac windows also have wiring inside that allows the switch signal to reach all other parts. Wiring comes in different colors too.
What companies make window parts for the Cadillac Seville?

Though the Seville is a Cadillac vehicle, companies other than Cadillac make replacement products for it. Cadillac makes genuine Original Equipment Manufacturer products, labeled as OEM. As the company is part of General Motors, GM also makes some of these replacements. Companies that make products for the Seville also include ACI, ACDelco, Cardone Industries, Bosch, and Dorman.