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Window Motors and Parts for Buick Century

While nothing beats the ease of use and convenience of power windows in your vehicle, they are also complex. With a power window, all parts have to be working perfectly for windows to function. Even when you do have an issue with your Buick Century's windows, replacing the components is not difficult.

How do power windows work?

When you toggle the switch for a window, it completes a circuit, which allows power to flow from the car's battery to the motor in the door. This motor powers a set of gears that then animates the window regulator assembly, which is attached to the window itself. When you toggle the switch in the opposite direction, the flow of electricity reverses, causing the motor, the gears, and the window regulator assembly to run in reverse. Some vehicles have more complex systems than others, but the idea of getting power to the motor to operate the window regulator is the same.

What can cause your Buick's window to have trouble?

Cold weather, especially snow and ice, cause the most problems with window components. Since materials contract with colder temperatures, the window seal can contract around the window glass on your Buick Century and cause it to stick. Additionally, ice or snow can build up around the seal, causing the window to stick. Either way, this can cause abnormal forces on the window regulator assembly and the motor. The window regulator can then separate from the glass, or the motor that operates the window regulator can become overheated and fail. A burnt-out switch due to an overloaded circuit can also cause window problems.

Can your window be fixed?

You can certainly fix your Buick Century's window. Replacement is fairly straightforward, especially if the problem is the window switch on your Century. If the problem is the motor or the window regulator, you can do the repairs by first removing the interior door panel to access the power window components.

Buick door panels are attached with screws, bolts, clips, and in some cases, adhesive, so you will need to carefully determine how your door panel is held in place to collect the right tools to remove it before you begin. Also, make sure to use Buick Century parts as each model's window-opening system is different. You can consult your user manual and the serial numbers on the current parts to find adequate replacements.