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Honda Civic Window Cranks and Parts

Honda originally introduced the Civic as a subcompact vehicle in 1973. The Honda Civic provided the handle style of window crank mechanism through the 2000 trim packages. The window hand crank is in regular use on your vehicle, and both the crank handle and its parts should be included in your car's routine maintenance program.

Why does the Honda Civic window go off track?

Usually, when the glass on a manually operated window crank system goes off track, it is due to the components requiring lubrication. The window guides might have become dry and stick when you try to maneuver the crank handle on the door. After you have investigated the guides, the window regulator also requires routine lubricating to operate smoothly,

What is the function of the Civic window roller guide?

The window roller guide and roller inside the door of your car acts in concert with the window regulator each time you turn the handle. The window regulator is the mechanism that moves the glass up and down as you turn the door's crank handle. There is an attached roller arm that moves within the guide to provide the smooth transition from one window position to the next. It's a small wheel that moves back and forth within the guide on your Honda.

What are symptoms of a failing Honda window regulator?

A window regulator that is bent or has other parts that are worn out, such as the center pin, clips, or the pivot joint may need to be replaced. As mentioned above, a malfunctioning window regulator can be one reason why the glass jumps off track. It can also play a part in it sticking as well as any unwanted play or movement as you turn the window crank.

Are the 1974 and 1985 Civic window crank handles compatible?

While both vehicles' trim packages included manual cranks, Honda changed the interior door style of the Civic in 1984. The window crank handles require different parts. The same part for the 1974 vehicle will fit cars produced from 1973 through 1983. By the same token, those vehicles with manual cranks falling within the 1984 to 2000 time frame will have compatible window crank handles.

Does each Honda Civic door require a different window regulator?

Yes, it does, and not only does each door require its own specific Honda Civic window regulator, but there are a couple of other specification details. Aside from the division of years, as mentioned above, the coupe and sedan Honda Civic models also require different window regulators.