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Ford Mustang Window Cranks and Parts

The Ford Mustang is a performance pony car that inspired a series of sports cars with powerful engines, sleek styling, long hoods, and short rear decks. In production since 1965, the Mustang has two doors and comes in many different body styles, including a hatch back, convertible, and coupe. The first through fourth generations of these vehicles typically have windows that use a hand crank to raise and lower the glass, and you may need to replace these parts if they have cracked, broken, or gotten stuck.

What are the features of Ford Mustang window cranks?
  • Resistance to rust and corrosion: The cranks, handles, and other door parts are made from alloy steel, aluminum, and plastic. These materials offer resistance to rust and corrosion. If the your hand is wet or something spills on the handle or crank, it can be wiped dry without risk of damaging the finish.
  • Ergonomic design: The ergonomic design of the handles on the interior of the door makes them easy to use with either your left hand or your right hand. Minimal force or torque is needed in order to crank the auto glass up or down within the door's frame.
  • Textured knobs for grasping: The Ford Mustang's handle knobs are textured so that you can grasp them with wet or slippery hands. These textured window crank accessories are also easy to turn if you are wearing driving gloves or winter gloves on your hands.
How do you choose window parts for the Ford Mustang?
  • Select the model year of your Mustang: Different model years, trim levels, and generations of the Ford Mustang have different types and sizes of window parts.
  • Choose a specific part or a kit: Choose just a handle, window crank, or gear to replace a part that has broken inside or on the Mustang's door. If you need to replace all of the window parts for raising and lowering the auto glass, choose a kit that contains all of the components.
  • Select the placement in the Mustang: Select a handle or window crank for the driver's side or passenger side of the Ford Mustang.
How do you replace a Mustang's window crank?

It is necessary to replace the window crank of your Ford Mustang if it no longer functions to raise or lower the glass within the window sash. You may also need to replace the Mustang's window crank if the interior handle breaks or becomes stuck. To replace these Ford Mustang window accessories, remove the screw and mounting pin for the handle. Remove it and the face plate accessories. Grease the replacement Mustang crank. Attach the replacement pin to the back and the washer and spring to the front of the new Ford Mustang accessories. Use a vice to crimp the knob onto the window crank. Use a Phillips head screwdriver to attach the crank to the plastic panel with the included screw. Reattach the cover.