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What You Need to Know About Winchester Shotgun Parts

Winchester shotguns are firearms that have been around since the early days of the United States. Whether you are a collector or just acquire a Winchester shotgun, you may need some replacement parts. You can find a wide selection of reasonably priced Winchester shotgun parts on eBay for your consideration.

Winchester shotgun parts that are available for sale on eBay The following are some of the main Winchester shotgun parts available on eBay:
  • Stocks: You can find stocks for most models of Winchester shotguns such as the Model 12 shotgun, the Model 1200-1400, the Model 50/59, and the Model 370 to name a few.
  • Barrels: Barrels are available for many different preowned Winchester shotguns such as the Model 12, Model 1400, and the Model 1200. Some have markings that make them valuable if you're a collector. Their lengths vary and top out at around 30 inches, and many have 2 3/4-inch chambers for rounds. See the manufacturer's site for details.
  • Trigger Parts: Trigger parts are available for many models of old Winchester shotguns. Many come complete with the firing pin and are ready to use once installed, while others require you to pick up or replace parts of the assembly.
  • Choke Tubes: There are a variety of choke tubes available for sale that fit many different models of Winchester shotguns.
  • Sights: You can find a good selection of sights that will fit many of the different types of Winchester shotguns. Some of the sights are old and might be considered collectible, but many of them are brand new and utilize modern technology such as laser sighting.
  • Internal Parts: Most of the affordable Winchester model 12 parts on eBay and the Winchester model 97 parts (as well as 1897 shotgun parts and others) are interior pieces such as screws, hammer springs, and firing pins.
What condition are Winchester shotgun parts in?

Some of the Winchester shotgun parts available are from decades ago, such as old Winchester 1897 parts as well as Winchester 1887 parts for sale. You should expect some of them to show significant wear and tear. Many of the parts available are brand new (such as choke tubes), and many others have been restored to their original glory.

Do any accessories come with Winchester shotgun parts?

Most shotgun parts don't come with accessories; however, some of the choke tubes are for sale with wrenches, tube holders, and carrying cases.

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