How to Get the Most Out of Your Wii Motion Plus

If you are playing Wii games without a Wii Motion Plus, you are missing out on some serious fun. This handy device enhances gameplay, increases response time, and gives you more accurate motion control. You will find both controllers and adapters on eBay at affordable prices.

What is the Wii Motion Plus?

The Wii Motion Plus is a multi-axis gyroscope controller and an improved version of the original Wii controller. The motion-sensing device comes equipped with an extra sensor to enhance the response time on the remote's accelerometer. Accordingly, the gyroscope pinpoints hand and wrist gestures instantly. This lets players immerse themselves in the game and enjoy precise movements. Here are a few additional benefits of the Wii Motion Plus:

  • Faster response times
  • Better movement recognition
  • Enhanced accuracy for more precise gameplay
What Wii games require the Motion Plus?

You can play dozens of compatible games with Motion Plus remotes. Any sports game such as Grand Slam Tennis and Tiger Woods PGA Tour becomes more exciting when you use the device. Player favorites include Wii Sports Resort and Red Steel 2. Other games that use the Wii Motion Plus include:

  • The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
  • FlingSmash
  • NHL 2K10 and NHL 2K11
  • Rage of the Gladiator
  • Raving Rabbids: Travel in Time
What is the difference between a Wii Motion Plus controller and an adapter?

The Motion Plus adapter is an add-on that attaches to standard Wii remotes. The Motion Plus controller is the same size as a regular Wii remote and has the necessary components built into the body of the device. Since the adapter extends the length of a basic controller, you will need a longer jacket. When it comes to performance, there is no difference.

Additional sensors on the Motion Plus pick up small movements that the Wii remote may miss. With the Wii Motion Plus, you can move your hands and arms to add force when you swing a sword or hit a ball.

How do you sync the Wii Motion Plus?

To synchronize your device with your console, you will need to press the SYNC buttons. You will find the switch for the remote in the battery compartment. Once the lights start blinking, press the SYNC button on the gaming system. This control is located on the front of the console, behind the SD card slot cover. The calibration is complete when the lights stop flashing and remain steady. If you have more than one Motion Plus remote, you must follow the above procedure for each controller.

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