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How to Buy Games for the Wii Fit Board

Lately, you've found yourself wanting to combine physical activity and gaming or wanting to achieve fitness goals in a fun way. To that end, the Wii console and Balance Board track movement through the Wii's remote and the board, where players use their body weight and balance to control games that are usually based around fitness and workout activities.

What is the Wii console?

This console was introduced in 2006 and was the first console to make motion sensors a standard in the industry.

  • Wii Sports was included with every Wii to showcase the motion capabilities of the console. The console senses how the remote and optional Nunchuk controller are moved, either through the included sensor or through an enhanced MotionPlus sensor that can be attached to the console. The MotionPlus was introduced with Wii Sports Resort, a game with additional sports activities.
  • Motions used to control games and mini-games mimic real-life sports or actions, like swinging the remote for tennis or turning it in driving games like Mario Kart. Wii games also include titles from the Nintendo catalog that are not specifically sports or fitness-themed.

What is the Wii Balance Board?

The Balance Board was included with Wii Fit and introduced additional motion control to the console's games.

  • Players can use their position and weight distribution in ski and snowboard games, while fitness-themed activities include yoga and cardio.
  • The Balance Board can be used to measure the user's center of balance and weight. This can be used to track progress towards goals over time, like becoming more balanced or losing weight.
  • Wii Fit was expanded with the Wii Fit Plus release. All original activities are included, and new aerobics and balance games were added.

Which games should I buy for the Wii Fit Balance Board?

Player age and activities that are enjoyed should be considerations when looking at these games.

  • Games that use the Balance Board are usually fitness or sports-themed, making them appropriate for all players as long as they are able to move as needed, though young players might have trouble stepping on and off the board or keeping track of the movements needed.
  • The Wii does have titles aimed at older gamers, such as those involving guns or violence. Players that use the console for child-friendly titles may still be able to access these violent ones, even if by accident, so parents should stay aware of what their children are playing.
  • Wii Fit and Wii Fit Plus can be played by multiple players with their own profiles, which makes it appropriate for families who are capable of taking turns.

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