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Finding a New Tablet with 4G

4G is the fourth generation of mobile phone technology that succeeds the 2G and 3G technology. 4G offers everything that 3G does, just at a much faster speed. When choosing a new tablet with Microsoft Windows 10, it's a good idea to go for the newest technology, however do be aware that it is not possible to connect with the 4G network in some areas and you need to use Wi-Fi instead. Make sure to check with your preferred carrier to see that 4G is supported in your region or city.

What are the Benefits of 4G?

If you're moving to a 4G tablet from a 3G or lower model, you can expect:

  • Fast download and upload speeds: When using 4G, you may find that you are able to download and upload data at a much quicker rate since it is around five to seven times faster than 3G. This can be extremely handy for those that like to download a lot of media or upload videos to blogs or YouTube channels.
  • Clearer voice calls: Using voice applications to make calls over the internet with your Windows tablet is a much better experience with 4G as voices can sound clearer and there is less chance of the call dropping out.

What Specifications Should I Look for?

When getting a new tablet, there are many models to choose from with different specifications.

  • Processor and operating system: Most Windows tablets come with an Intel processor. You'll see titles like Intel Duo-core or Quad-core. Windows 10 is the newest operating system from Microsoft and has special features for tablet operation.
  • Storage: The amount of GB storage you need in a tablet comes down to personal preference and use. You may be completely find with an 8 GB or 16 GB hard drive if you don't need to save a lot of data, but if you do then you may like to look for a tablet that has bigger storage space. Don't forget that you can expand the storage capacity on many tablet models by using a microSD card.
  • Screen size: Tablets come in various sizes between 8 inches and 13 inches. Larger tablets are ideal for watching movies or playing games, whereas a smaller tablet may be suitable if you are looking to use your device only for web surfing and social media.
  • Memory: All tablets feature a GB RAM number. The higher this number is, the more capable the device is of handling multiple applications at one time.

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