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Got one to sell?

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Wholesale Video Game Console Systems

Vendors often sell video game consoles wholesale for a number of reasons. Savings can be passed on to the consumer if game consoles are bought in this way, though that is far from the only advantage to buying or selling video games and their associated consoles wholesale. Below, you'll find answers to some of the common questions regarding this process.

What does it mean to sell game consoles wholesale?

Game consoles offered wholesale are sold to other retailers. This usually happens in bulk, especially with older or hard-to-find consoles such as the original Xbox, PlayStation, NES, and other Nintendo products, or video games that might not otherwise be available. They are typically name-brand consoles in good condition and thus offer numerous benefits to you as an end consumer. Essentially, the wholesale market is a good place to start for those difficult-to-find video game items.

What are the benefits of having a wholesale console?

One of the benefits to acquiring a gaming console by wholesale is the availability factor. Many games are made exclusive to one console. Some other ways wholesale adds value to consoles include:

  • You can sometimes find somewhat rarer gaming items. Wholesale markets are a fine place to find older video games or out-of-production game consoles and controllers that a video game enthusiast may wish to buy for personal use or simply to complete a treasured collection. It's a great market to find consoles or games that will no longer be on store shelves.
  • They're able to be kept for parts and equipment. If you already own a model of console that is out of production, it may be very difficult to get it repaired or find the appropriate parts for it.
  • They can help you complete part of a collection. Wholesale shopping is a great way for you to find what you need to complete a particular collection, whether it relates to gaming consoles that you can't find elsewhere, such as a Nintendo, PlayStation, or Xbox 360, or just a certain video game series that you need.
  • They're a great way to get extras. Many video game consoles sold in this way also come with added incentives, such as extra games or game controllers with other accessories that work with the video games in question.
How do you store vintage video game consoles?

If you've collected a number of gaming consoles through wholesale means over time, especially vintage models, storing them properly is important. Even newer models like the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One still need good ventilation. This is true even of consoles you're planning on using for parts to protect them from dust or damage, so you can use these helpful tips for storing video game consoles.

  • If any of your games or equipment still get play time, store them in a well-ventilated area so that they get enough heat reduction.
  • Place games, controllers, and other delicate items on shelves where they won't block air vents and try to dust them regularly.
  • Consider specialized storage boxes for games and climate-controlled units for long-term gaming equipment storage.
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