Decorate Your Living Space With Whitetail Deer Head Mounts

Whitetail deer head mounts can provide you with a lifelike representation of the animals from the comfort of your home. Deer head trophies are available on eBay in a range of styles at affordable prices. Exploring all the options available to you can help you find the mount that appeals to you.

What types of deer head mounts can you find?

Whitetail deer head mounts come in a range of styles to suit a wide variety of tastes or preferences. eBay uses categories that can help you browse through its entire selection of mounts to see what is available. You may wish to choose a particular type of trophy based on the room you are decorating. Some common types of deer mounts you will find are:

  • Antlers - You may wish to purchase a set of whitetail deer antlers for display or make sure that the head mount you choose has a set of antlers. You can find whitetail deer head mounts that have antlers with various numbers of points.
  • Shoulder mount - A shoulder trophy typically includes the entire head of the whitetail deer and part of the neck area leading to the shoulder. The area behind the shoulder attaches to the mounting hardware.
Can you get whitetail deer head mounts in a set?

If you are in need of several deer head mounts for display or decoration, eBay offers several products that are part of a set. In most cases, a set of trophy heads features animals that are similar to one another. Because every deer is unique, you may see slight variations between heads. You can also purchase a set of mounts that have striking differences, such as one head with antlers and one without them. You can find combos in sets of two or three whitetail deer mounts on eBay.

Condition options for whitetail deer head mounts

eBay offers deer head mounts in different conditions at various affordable price points for your needs. Two common categories are:

  • New - Brand new whitetail deer head mounts are unused items that haven't been displayed yet. They should include all original packaging and be free from any cosmetic signs of use.
  • Used - You may wish to purchase a preowned whitetail deer head mount. These items have been on display elsewhere and may feature slight signs of use. However, they should retain their lifelike qualities and be ready for display.