Choosing the Whites MXT Metal Detector That Will Meet Your Needs

Whites Electronics manufactures metal detectors designed to assist searchers in finding buried treasures. Whether youre looking for something that was lost days, weeks, or years ago, you need a detector made to find that particular kind of object. eBay offers an extensive selection of reasonably priced Whites MXT metal detectors, accessories, and manuals from which to choose.

How do you pick the right metal detector?

When youre searching for a metal detector, reading reviews can be a good way of determining what metal detector will suit your needs. eBay sells a variety of new and used MXT metal detectors. From their list, you should look for one that is easy to use and reliable. You should also see what metals are emphasized. Metal detectors designed for specific or single-purpose use include:

  • Beach - waterproof and made for use in saltwater areas
  • Coin and jewelry - limited to finding coins and metal jewelry
  • Gold - sensitive enough to find gold flakes as well as nuggets
  • Relic - artifact hunters use it for locating objects such as buttons and buckles
What search coils are used in Whites detectors?

Search coils can be one of three types, which are:

  • Concentric - circular wire coils
  • DD - coils in the shape of two capital letter "D"s, back-to-back
  • Elliptical - oval-shaped coils

The Whites MXT Pro metal detector features a concentric coil and programmable search settings for relics, coins, jewelry, and prospecting. If youre considering the MXT Pro vs the MXT All Pro, youll find the same search features on both models. The only difference is the 10-inch DD coil on the All Pro metal detector. Whites MXT 300 features a 12-inch (300 millimeter) concentric coil.

An earlier version of the MXT 300 is Whites MXT-E series metal detector. The finish is different in that the 300 is matte black, and the E-series is glossy. The E-series has a 950 (9.5-inch) concentric coil.

What are the differences between PI and VLF metal detectors?

The ground in which you are searching may contain small grains of iron or minerals that contain iron. Those are known as ferromagnetic substances, and they can cause the metal detector to give you a false reading. PI is the acronym for pulse induction, which is the circuitry in specialized metal detectors used in saltwater or the ground with a lot of minerals. VLF, also known as very low frequency, is newer technology and is the circuitry in many of Whites MXT metal detectors. VLF and LF (low frequency) circuitry cancels the signals from ferromagnetic substances.

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