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How to Find the Right Pair of White Stag Women's Jeans

If you're in search of a pair of jeans to be your next favorite, White Stag has an entire line of women's jeans that are comfortable, casual, and stylish, and are perfect for your everyday life. With different color and cut choices, as well as other features such as stretch denim, you're sure to find a pair of jeans or capris that are your new go-to pair.

What Are Some Different Jeans Materials?

It may not be something you think of often, but not all denim is created alike. Additionally, there are many types of casual pants that are also referred to as jeans. As you're shopping, it's a good idea to browse material constructions to ensure your comfort as you're wearing your new pair. Selections include:

  • Denim: Denim, of course, is this obvious choice, as a thickly woven, heavy cotton material. These types of jeans will not have a lot of give, unless you opt for a pair with an elastic waist. Tougher, strong denim is a good choice for colder weather, or for outdoor events, such as hiking.
  • Cotton denim: This is essentially the same ballpark as denim, but it is a lighter weight. Also, because of its different weave and weight, the denim will have a little more give. Cotton denim is a good choice for boot cut jeans, comfortable summer capri jeans or long shorts, and casual Fridays.
  • Polyester: While this isn't actually denim, there are a few types of polyester and blend selections that look just like denim. Polyester is soft and stretchy, and has a lot of give.
  • Cotton blend: These types of jeans include your work or stretchy khakis, and these are great for business casual or outings.

How Do I Size White Stag Jeans?

Generally peaking, these jeans come in three types of sizes and use standard sizing, so it's good to understand what the size choices mean.

  • Regular: These jeans have no special length or width options, so as you size, just make sure to choose the size you normally wear.
  • Petite: What makes petite different from regular is their length. Petite sizes will always be slightly shorter than regular sizes. When it comes to fitting jeans, petite refers to your height or inseam, not your waist size. For example, you could wear a plus size, such as 16, and need a petite jean.
  • Plus size: This refers to your waist size and not the length of the pants. Plus sizes typically start at 14 and continue from there. If you are a plus size and petite, make sure to look for the P after the size, such as 18P. Also, look for special features such as elastic in the waist, to provide more comfort. Plus sizes also may be labeled as size XL. See the manufacturer site for size details.

What Are Some Color Choices?

While the most common denim choice is blue, there are variants on denim and different color choices to pick from.

  • Blue: This is most common denim choice, but look for playful options on the classic blue color, such as stonewashed or dark blue.
  • Black: These jeans can often double as business casual pants, depending on the cut and style, and are great for many occasions.
  • White: It's no longer a rule to only wear your whites in the summer. Enjoy them all year long.
  • Khaki: There is khaki-colored denim, and these work well for work pants or for casual events.

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