White Ceramic Christmas Tree

White Ceramic Christmas Tree

Many seasonal displays feature a white ceramic Christmas tree. They wind up in displays that feature the colors of the season, like red ribbons, green boughs, and decorative glass baubles. These pieces come in both vintage and modern styles, allowing the home decorator to mix and match styles according to their tastes.

Do white ceramic Christmas trees come with lights?

Many styles of holiday trees are available. Some of them come with built-in lights. These lights can be a multicolored set, meaning that the piece comes with lights of blue, red, green, yellow, and other colors.

Others feature lights of only one color (for example, the piece might have all blue lights). This type of decoration would work for people who want to limit their decorative palette for the holiday season. They might choose a piece with blue lights, and then decorate the space around it with blue glass Christmas bulbs, decorative angel hair, and gold ribbons, glitter, and baubles.

Additionally, some of these trees also come in green or frosted blue (which replicates the look of cold snow in the moonlight). They often come in the same or similar styles as the white ones. Opting for decorative pieces of this nature gives the holiday decorator the opportunity to create scenery, meaning that they can create a cluster of different ceramic trees. This replicates the look of the forest during the winter. They key to making this sort of display look interesting is to choose pieces of varying styles and heights.

What types of ceramic Christmas trees are there?

These types of holiday decorations come in a number of styles.

  • The music box: The piece looks like other ceramic pieces, meaning that it might come with lights, decorative paint flecks, and/or a light coat of glitter. It often features a base that, when wound up, plays music.
  • Vintage: Many of these ornamental pieces are vintage. Their paint might feature the look of a crackled painting with spiderweb cracks. It will also feature many of the other elements of the non-vintage pieces like painted accents and lights. Pieces such as these came into style during the 1940s. Home decorators who want to decorate in a vintage style can add other ceramic pieces from the period to the display alongside these holiday pieces to create a more authentic display.
  • Ornaments for the tree: These ceramic ornaments come fitted with decorative ribbon and hooks. This allows you to hang the ornament from the branches of your tree.
How big are the pieces?

Most of them fit on a tabletop or fireplace mantel. They also come in a variety of heights, ranging from 10 inches to 23 inches, give or take.