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Wheels, Tires, and Parts to Keep Your Mustang Riding Smoothly

If you want to protect your Mustang's ability to roll down any road with ease it's not just about the brakes. Review these answers to common customer questions about Ford Mustang parts to ensure that you end up picking the parts that are best for your Ford Mustang.

Which types of tires are used for the Ford Mustang?

The types of tires that are most commonly used with the Ford Mustang are called 235/50R18 tires. These tires are used on both the front and the rear of Mustangs, and they are radial. Tires that are radial have plies that run perpendicularly to the direction of movement, and they are quite durable. 235/50R18 tires are made by brands such as Travelstar, Achilles, and Westlake.

Are there any accessories for these wheels?

There are a variety of different types of accessories for these Mustang parts. Some of these accessories have practical applications, but others are purely for looks. Items like floor mats, spoilers, headlights, and knobs require replacement at some point, and here are some other examples of accessories for your Mustang or Mustang GT:

  • Valve stem caps - These caps screw on top of the valves that come out of your tires. While all of these parts serve similar purposes, different options are emblazoned with a number of different logos and insignias.
  • Center hubcaps - Since Mustangs don't use full-sized hubcaps, these special types of hubcaps are a fraction of the size of similar parts that you might find on other types of cars. These hubcaps may feature the Mustang or Ford logo, or they might display symbols like snakes or dice.
  • Lug nuts - These special types of nuts are available in a variety of different colors and finishes, and you install them with special tools.
  • Tire changing kits - These kits contain everything that you need to change the tires on your Mustang.
How do you pick the right wheels and tires?

When selecting wheels, you'll need to make sure that these parts fit the tires you intend to install on your Mustang. When it comes to tires, most Mustang owners choose the 235/50R18 model, but you may want to break with convention. Lastly, make sure to pick any accessories that you may want.

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