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Ford Focus Wheel Lugs

You can give your Ford Focus sedan a fresh look with a new set of rims and lug nuts. You can also find factory parts if an original Ford lug nut is missing or damaged. No matter why you are shopping for wheel lug nuts, it is important to know what to look for.

Why are wheel lug specs for the Focus important?

Lug nuts hold the wheels onto your car. The lug bolts that extend from the axle, the wheels, and the lug nuts work as a unit and must be compatible with each other. It is possible to find lugs that appear to fit but are not a true match.

What are the critical specs for Ford Focus lug nuts?

A lug nut has three characteristics that need to precisely match your Ford Focus wheels.

  • Thread size: Thread size is the diameter of the wheel studs, including the width of the threads. The nuts must have the same thread size as the studs. All models of the Focus typically have bolts that are 12 millimeters in diameter.
  • Thread pitch: This is the distance between the bolt threads in millimeters. On the Focus, this is typically 1.5 millimeters. Thread size and pitch are 12 by 1.5.
  • Seat type: The factory lug nut on a Ford Focus has a conical seat. This means that the end of the nut that faces the wheel is cone-shaped with a 60-degree slope. Which seat type you need is determined by the rims, so new rims may need a different lug nut style.
What options are available for Ford Focus lug nuts?

Besides the specs that must match, some features of lug nuts let you choose among options.

  • Length: Some lug nuts are short, so they can fit under wheel covers. Others are longer, and some are available with long spikes extending from the wheels. Choose what you like as long as it fits.
  • Diameter: Diameter usually only comes into play if you need spline drive nuts. These are a narrow type designed for use with rims that have small holes for the nuts to fit through. They require a special, thin socket to tighten and remove them.
  • Locks: Wheel locks can help protect your rims against theft. You only need one locking lug nut per wheel. Each set of locking nuts will come with a key that is used to release them.
  • Finish: Lug nuts for the Ford Focus are available in black and silver. This lets you coordinate them with the wheels for an integrated look.
What is the bolt pattern of the Ford Focus?

The bolt pattern of a Ford Focus depends on its model year. Cars manufactured from 1998 through 2004 have a bolt pattern of 4 by 108. From 2005 through 2011, they may be either 4 by 108 or 5 by 108, depending on the model. Beginning with the 2012 model year, every Focus is 5 by 108.

The first number of the bolt pattern tells you how many lug nuts are on each wheel. The diameter of the circle the lug nuts form when they are on the wheel is the second number. It is expressed in millimeters.