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Dodge Ram 2500 Wheel Lugs

The Dodge Ram is a marvel of torque, horsepower, brake power, and towing, and if you have decided to customize your Dodge Ram 2500 with new wheels, you may be looking at new lug nuts and wheel spacers, too. These parts are available in a variety of styles and finishes to suit almost any Dodge owner. If all you need is to replace a damaged or lost factory part, OEM nuts are easy to find for your Ram.

Why are specs important for wheel nuts?

Since the primary job of the nuts is to hold the rims onto the truck, you need the specs of the nuts, the rims, the spacer, and the studs to be compatible. Sometimes nuts may appear to fit, but if they have the wrong seat, were forced on by an air wrench, or otherwise do not quite match, it can pose a serious safety risk. You don't want that when you're hauling precious payload.

What is the bolt pattern of a Dodge Ram 2500?

This pattern is a number that includes the number of nuts on each rim and the diameter of the circle they form. The bolt pattern for the Dodge Ram pickup may be expressed in standard terminology as 8x6.5 or in metric form as 8x165.1.

The first number tells you that the Dodge Ram 2500 has eight nuts on each rim. When installed, they form a circle that is 6.5 inches or 165.1 millimeters in diameter.

What features of wheel nuts are important?

There are five basic characteristics of nuts to be aware of. Some of these must match the studs, while some will have options that you can choose according to your preference.

Thread size and pitch: These are two specs that must match exactly between the nuts and studs. The size is the diameter of the bolt. The pitch is the number of threads per inch. The size and pitch for a Ram 2500 is 9/16 - 18. This means the diameter of the bolt is nine-sixteenths of an inch in diameter and it has 18 ridges per inch.

Seat type: The factory seat on Ram 2500 nuts is conical. This means the end of the nut that is tightened to the wheel is slightly cone shaped. Sometimes this is broken down further as a bulge cone or acorn cone.

If you are changing the rims on your Dodge Ram pickup, you may need nuts with a different seat type. It is important to check this since the wrong type may appear to fit even though it is not really seated securely.

Dimensions: Nuts vary in their length and diameter. You will need “short” or “under-hub” nuts if you are using a hubcap that covers the nuts. Otherwise, you can choose any length that works with your rims and suits your taste.

The rims you have on your Dodge Ram will also determine the diameters of nuts that will fit. If the rims have only a narrow opening for the nuts to pass through, you may need the spline type.

Color and finish: These qualities are purely a matter of choice. You can choose a standard silver chrome finish, or get black to go with your new black rims. Bright colors are also available if you want a bit more flash.