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Nissan Titan Wheel Hubs & Bearings

The full-sized Nissan Titan has been sold since 2003 in North America and has gone through two generations. Truck models include King Cab and crew cabs, with S, Pro-4X, SE, SV, and LE trims and four-wheel and rear-wheel drives. Rim sizes vary between 18 and 20 inches depending on truck use, trim levels, and hubs and bearings should be ordered based on bolt patterns, center bores, and other specifications.

What are wheel spacers for the Nissan Titan?

Wheel spacers and adapters are available from aftermarket manufacturers for the Nissan pickup. Wheel spacers are metal plates which fit on hubs and aid in offsetting tires for off-road and other performance purposes. Lugs need to be sufficient to accommodate the spacers. Aftermarket manufacturers can supply lugs and adapters which bolt on the hub that will enable safe, effective installation of spacers.

What is the purpose of wheel spacers on the Titan?

Depending on the use of the vehicle, whether for off-road, city use, or trailer towing and hauling, owners may want to install wheel spacers to improve external appearance, offer better handling, fit larger tires, or fit custom wheels and rims. On lifted suspensions, stock wheels can make rims look tiny and spacers can improve the appearance. Vehicle handling and off-road performance may be improved by wheel spacers that widen the track to handle trailers and ruts. Spacers also enable larger tires or custom rims to be installed successfully on the full-sized pickup.

Should wheel spacers for Titan be made of billet aluminum?

Wheel spacers can help Nissan owners customize their full-size pickups for towing, off-road, and other uses. Experienced owners and Nissan mechanics advise the use of solid machined billet aluminum spacers and wheel adapters, instead of less-expensive alternatives. Stresses are placed on wheels, hubs, spacers and other suspension components that can cause cracking and wear. The risk of these problems are reduced by the use of billet aluminum.

What are hub and bearing assemblies for Nissan Titan?

The truck will have front or rear bearing assemblies that are made to fit either four-wheel drive or front-wheel drive pickups. Hub and bearing assemblies include hubs, bearing units, and ABS brake sensors which connect to the ABS braking system. Bearing assemblies will be factory-sealed and will contain bearings, sensors, grease, and grease seals. Complete assemblies include hubs, studs, and bearings.

Are there trailer hub kits for the Nissan Titan?

Nissan pickup owners can look for trailer hub kits which will support axle capacity of various weights, including 1,250 pounds and 1,750 pounds. The trailer hub kits come with bearings, seals, and nuts, and may fit more than one type of pickup for trailer towing purposes. Standard 2017 models can tow approximately 9,000 to 9,700 pounds while a 2017 XD can tow more than 12,600 pounds.