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Wheel Hubs and Bearings for Nissan Maxima

Nissan Maxima wheel hubs and bearings are an essential part of your vehicle. They help with the braking and steering of your auto. With a wide selection of wheel hubs and bearings, you can find the right replacement parts for your Nissan Maxima.

When should you replace the Nissan Maxima hub?

When it is time for a new Nissan Maxima wheel hub, there are several symptoms to watch for. The most common symptoms are:

  • Noises: When your Nissan Maxima hub starts to wear down, you will begin to notice grinding sounds coming from your wheel. It will get louder at higher speeds or when turning to the affected side.
  • Loose steering: When you steer your Nissan Maxima, your wheel may feel like it is loose or has a lot of play.
  • Vibration: Similar to the noise, the vibration of your vehicle's wheels will get worse at higher speeds or when you turn towards one side. This vibration may feel like you are on a rumble strip.
How do you change Nissan Maxima wheel bearings?

If you live in an area where rust is common, you may have a more difficult time removing the old front hubs from the Maxima. Be sure you have plenty of oil on hand that will penetrate rust as well as your service manual. Here are the general steps to replacing a wheel bearing hub assembly on your Nissan Maxima:

  1. Make sure your Nissan Maxima is on level ground. Raise it up on jack stands.
  2. Remove the lug nuts and then the wheel. Then, take off the caliper. It is best if you can hang the caliper from zip ties or a bungee cord to help avoid straining the brake lines.
  3. Next, remove the caliper bracket and pull off the rotor from the Nissan. You will then need to use a breaker bar to take off the axle nut and remove the bolts used to hold the hub onto the steering knuckle.
  4. Take the old hub off your Nissan Maxima and replace it with the new one. You will want to thread the bolts by hand.
  5. Check the manufacturer’s recommendations on your Nissan Maxima and tighten the hub bolts to their specifications with a torque wrench.
  6. Fasten the nut to the axle and make sure it is at the manufacturer’s suggested torque setting for the Nissan Maxima.
  7. Then, slide on the brake rotor and put on the brake caliper bracket with the caliper bolts. Tighten to their recommended torque setting as well. Next, do the same with the brake caliper and its bolts.
  8. Slide on the wheel and be sure to thread the lug nuts with your hand.
  9. Finally, take your Nissan Maxima brand vehicle off of the jack stands so it sits level on the ground. Tighten the lug nuts to the recommended torque setting.