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Ford F-250 Wheel Hubs and Bearings

The Ford F-250 is rated as a super-duty truck, and it is often used for hauling, towing, and transit purposes for moderate to heavy loads. These trucks are also used for routine and off-road driving. There are many types of bearing and hub kits available for installation on your Ford F-250.

How do you choose Ford F-250 bearings and hubs?
  • Choose the placement on the vehicle: Choose wheel bearings and parts that fit onto the front, rear, left, or right sides of the truck or trailer. There are also sets for both the front and the back or for all four of the axles of your truck.
  • Select a type and fitment: Select the type of wheel bearings and the size. They are available to fit rims that are 16 to 19 inches in diameter. Different trim levels have different fitment requirements for the wheel bearings.
  • Choose a manufacturer: Select parts made by Ford as the original equipment manufacturer. There are also wheel bearings produced by Detroit Axle, Moog, Motorcraft, National Oil Seals, National Seal/Bearing, SKF, and Timken.
What types of wheel hubs are available for Ford F-250?
  • Locking hubs: A locking hub is designed to prevent the theft of your tires or center caps. A key is used to allow access underneath the cover where the wheel bearings are located.
  • Four-wheel and two-wheel drive hubs: Four-wheel-drive parts are designed for Ford F-250s that have all-wheel drive. They fit the Super Duty trucks. Two-wheel drive parts are for the front or rear of the vehicle, depending on whether it has front or rear-wheel drive.
  • Trailer hubs: Trailer hubs are designed to attach to a trailer that is being towed by your Ford F-250. These bearings help to support the weight and control the proper rotation of the trailer's tires.
How do you replace Ford F-250 bearings and hubs?

Wheel bearings and hubs maintain the connection between the axle and wheels of your truck so that they rotate when you drive. A replacement may be needed if you notice signs of problems or if the hubs or bearings fail. To do a replacement, you will need to jack up your vehicle in order to access the axle beam and spindle. Use a lug wrench to remove all the lugs, adding grease if they are stuck. Remove the entire tire assembly. Use a flat-head screwdriver to remove the hub dust cover. Clean any grease from it. Remove the pin with pliers. For four-wheel-drive vehicles, use a wrench to remove the three bolts from the hub. Remove the brake calipers and rotors. Pull off the bearing. Grease the replacement bearings and attach them. Replace the hub. Reattach the brake calipers and rotors. Reattach the wheel assembly and lug kits.