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Toyota Prius Wheel Center Caps

If you have lost a wheel center cap from your Toyota Prius, replacements are available to get your car back in shape. Maybe you prefer the look of the alloy wheels that are under the hubcaps and want to leave the hubcaps off. In this case, you can get OEM center caps to cover the center of the wheel and give it a finished look.

Why should you use center caps on your Toyota Prius?

The Toyota center caps perform a protective function for the wheels. They cover the hub nut to keep it from getting caked with road grime as you drive. This reduces corrosion and makes the nut easier to remove if the wheel needs work. The wheel bearings also benefit from being shielded from dirt and debris.

The center caps help enhance the appearance of the car, too. Having four matching wheels with stylish center caps gives the Prius a polished look.

How do you know which center caps fit your Prius?

There have been several styles of wheel center caps across the production years of the Toyota. They vary in style, size, and finish. Some of the differences are subtle and may not be easy to spot by just looking at the part.

If you want to be sure you’re getting center caps that fit your Toyota Prius, compare the part number. If you take one of the caps off your car and look at the back, you’ll see a series of letters and numbers. This is the part number that needs to match the center caps.

What are the options for Toyota Prius center caps?

Each model year and trim package will have a corresponding center cap. There is overlap, with cars from the same year having different caps, so be sure to check the part number.

Shape and size: All the Prius center caps are round. Most are relatively flat. There is one style on the pre-2009 Prius that is deeper with tapered sides.

The center caps for this Toyota may be 2.25 or 2.5 inches in diameter. There is no obvious system as cars from almost any model year can have either size.

Color and finish: Most of the caps before 2016 are silver or chrome. They have a raised emblem in the center against a background that may be textured or smooth. Toyota added a black option in 2016. These may be glossy black, including the emblem, or matte black with a raised chrome emblem.

Clips: All the Prius center caps attach with plastic clips. Depending on the style, they may have four, five, or eight clips. The clips will affect the fit, so check the part number.

How do you replace Toyota Prius center caps?

Toyota uses a snap-in type of cap for this car. You pry them out from the front with a flat-head screwdriver. If a cap is particularly stubborn, you can remove the wheel and push it out from the back. You install the replacement cap by simply pressing it into the wheel. The clips on the back will snap into place.