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Porsche Cayenne Wheel Center Caps

If you drive a Porsche Cayenne, you love the style of this luxury crossover. That style goes all the way through to the center caps with the Porsche crest. These caps do occasionally go missing or sustain damage, but you can replace them as there are wheel center caps for most models.

What is the purpose of center caps on the Cayenne?

A big part of the center cap’s job is to finish off the look of the vehicle. Porsche is a prestige name, and the branded caps give an opportunity to display the logo in a tasteful way. Having four clean, matching wheel center caps adds that last bit of polish.

The center caps may look sharp, but they also help keep road grime off the wheel hub. You might not go off-roading in your Cayenne, but even city streets have their share of slop.

How do you know which center cap fits your Cayenne?

Porsche makes two styles of wheel center caps for this vehicle. Within each style, all the caps are the same size. This makes it easier to find the cap you need with a visual comparison. To be sure you have the right part, you should match the part number. The number is on the back of the center cap. Remove one of the caps that you still have and make note of the number.

What styles of center cap are there for this Porsche?

Porsche has used two styles of cap over the life of this model. They vary by shape, finish, and decoration.

  • Shape: The center caps on your Porsche Cayenne may be round or star-shaped. Which one you have will depend on which factory wheels came with the SUV’s trim package. The star shape has five short arms, or spokes, around the center. The round type typically has a concave face.
  • Finish: The center caps on this vehicle are either silver or black. The silver may be polished or machined, and the black may be matte or glossy.
  • Decoration: Most Porsche Cayenne center cap styles have a large Porsche crest centered on their face. The crest is usually full-color and flat, but it is raised on some models. Less often, the crest is a black outline. The only cap option that does not have the emblem is available on some Sport Techno or Cayenne S wheels. It is a small silver disk with “turbo” painted across its face.
How do you replace Porsche Cayenne center caps?

The way you remove the center caps depends on whether they have two small holes in the crest, as most do. These are designed to work with Porsche’s removal tool. From the front of the wheel, place the ends of the tool into the small holes and pull the cap out.

If the cap doesn’t have holes, you will need to remove the wheel and push the cap out from the back. The handle of a hammer or screwdriver works well to gently punch it out.

To replace the cap, push it into place from the front. Give it a couple of sharp taps to seat the retaining clips.