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Wheel Center Caps for Porsche 911

The Porsche 911 is a sharp, sporty car. When you own this stunner, you don’t want to drive it around with pieces missing. If you have lost a wheel center cap along the way, you can find factory replacements that match.

What is the purpose of Porsche 911 wheel center caps?

Center caps have an important job. They help keep road dirt and moisture off the inner wheels. Keeping the hub nut and bearings clean and dry reduces corrosion and may lengthen the life of those components. Of course, Porsche center caps also add to the visual appeal. They are a subtle flash of the prestigious logo, and they give the wheels a finished look.

How do you find Porsche 911 center caps that fit?

Since this car has been manufactured over many years, there are several different center caps that may have been standard on your Porsche. Rather than trying to match the parts by looking at them, you should use the part number. You can find the part number on the back of the caps. Pop one off your car, copy the number, and keep it handy while you shop.

What center caps are available for the Porsche 911?

Center caps for the Porsche are all round with a diameter of about three inches. They vary by style and finish. Which wheel center cap you need for your Porsche car will depend on its model year. It will also depend on the type of wheel that came with the trim package. The following list includes some of the OEM center cap styles for the 911.

  • Wheel center caps that are black with a gold rim and a full-color, raised crest are typical of older 911s. These include the 1965 through 1973 model years.
  • Silver center caps with a raised rim and full-color crest are stock for the 1994 through 2004 models. They are also found with the 2001 through 2005 Turbo, GT3, and GT2 packages.
  • A round, polished, silver cap with a full-color crest is typically found on Porsches with Turbo or Turbo III wheels.
  • A titanium gray style with either a full-color or black and white crest is stock on Turbo II wheels.
  • Silver, concave caps with a full-color crest are found on 911s with silver painted wheels.
How do you remove center caps from the Porsche?
  1. First, look for two small holes in the face of the Porsche cap, usually hidden in the design of the emblem. If you find these holes, you’ll need Porsche’s removal tool to take the part off. You fit the ends of the tool into the holes and pull the cap free.
  2. If the caps on your Porsche don’t have holes, you’ll have to take the wheels off and push them out from the back. You can use the handle of a hammer or other tool to gently punch them out.
  3. To replace the caps, just push them into place from the front. You may have to rap them sharply to get the wheel's retaining clips to snap into place.