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Nissan Titan Wheel Center Caps

If you have been taking your Nissan Titan pickup down some rough roads, it may be showing the wear. You may have lost a wheel center cap, or the caps may have taken a few hits from rocks or debris. Factory replacements are available, either singly or in sets, to give your truck back its four matching wheels.

Why should you replace Nissan Titan wheel center caps?

If your Nissan Titan wheel center caps are missing or damaged, you have lost a measure of protection for the wheel hub. One of the purposes of the wheel center cap is to keep some of the water and road grime off the wheel. This helps reduce corrosion and makes the hub nut easier to loosen if you need to work on the axle. Having all four center caps also gives the Nissan Titan a neater appearance.

How do you choose center caps that fit the Titan?

Nissan only uses two basic styles of the center cap for this vehicle. One of the styles does vary by size and finish, so it’s not always easy to tell which will fit just by looking at them.

To ensure you get the right wheel center cap for your Nissan truck, it’s a good idea to get the part number. If you take one of the caps off the truck, you’ll find the number on the back. It will usually be a series of letters and numbers.

What styles of center caps are available for the Titan?

If your Nissan Titan is from the model years 2004 through 2012 and has factory steel wheels, it uses the largest center cap. This type is 7.75 inches in diameter and extends over the lug nuts. There are six holes in the perimeter of the cap for the lugs to pass through. This style is silver with the Nissan logo across the middle.

All other model years and wheel types use one of the smaller styles. These have a flat base with a raised chrome logo in the center. The base may be silver, gray, or charcoal, depending on the trim package. There are two different sizes of this type: 2.75 inches and 3.25 inches. Be sure you verify the right size for your vehicle before purchasing.

How do you change the center caps on the Titan?

The Nissan center caps have plastic clips on the back that hold them to the wheel. Some hold more tightly than others, so start with the easiest removal method. Try to just pull the part off by hand from the front. If this isn’t successful, try gently prying it off with a screwdriver. If the cap is stubborn, you may have to remove the wheel and push it out from the back.

Wheel center caps are installed on the Nissan Titan by snapping them in from the front. It may take some effort to make the clips seat properly, but don’t be too forceful or the clips could break.