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Wheel Center Caps for Lincoln Navigator

There are many different variations of hubcaps, with one of them being wheel center caps. The purpose of these caps is to keep your bearings and spindle nut free of dirt and other road debris. In addition, they hide your bearings and lug nuts from sight in order to give your Lincoln Navigator more visual appeal.

What are Lincoln Navigator wheel center caps made from?

Center caps for your Lincoln Navigator can be made from either plastic or metal. Both materials have their own benefits. Plastic is lightweight and can improve gas mileage, whereas metal is heavier, durable, and long-lasting. This type of hubcap is generally used with Lincoln wheels constructed of aluminum alloy or styled steel.

What styles are there for Lincoln Navigator center caps?

As a type of decorative disc, center caps come in many different styles and designs. Here are just a few available choices when it comes to center caps for your Lincoln Navigator:

  • Logo: Many car owners opt for wheel caps that feature their car brand's logo on them.
  • Finishing: You can select from several different finishes, such as chrome or matte, for your Lincoln’s wheel caps.
  • Spinners: Some caps are specially designed to keep spinning after the tires have come to a complete stop.
How do you measure for wheel center caps?

A proper fit is vital to the function of your center caps. If you have a poor fit, you will get dirt and grime into your wheel and bearings. The center cap may even fall off and become lost or damaged. To get a good fit, you must take good measurements of the inner diameter, outer diameter, and depth of your current center caps.

  • Inner diameter: Measure the distance straight across between the two inner walls of your center cap.
  • Outer diameter: This measurement should be taken at the opening of the center cap between the two outer walls.
  • Depth: Use a tape measure or ruler to measure the depth of the center cap. This measurement can vary depending on the manufacturer and any chosen customization.
How do you remove a Lincoln’s center wheel cap?

To get a good measurement of your existing center cap, you must remove it from your vehicle. First, you will need to remove the wheel. For most vehicles, this will involve unscrewing the lug nuts to loosen them, using a jack to raise the car up off of the ground, and then using a lug wrench to completely remove the lug nuts and sliding the entire wheel off of the Lincoln. Then, tap out the old cap to obtain your measurements.