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Lincoln MKZ Wheel Center Caps

The Lincoln MKZ is a luxury sedan known for its style. This model was previously known as the Zephyr and was updated to the MKZ in both gasoline and hybrid gas/electric options in 2007. You can keep your wheels looking as great as the rest of your Lincoln if you add the right wheel center caps to your MKZ.

What is the difference between a hubcap and center cap?

A hubcap covers a minimum of the center of a wheel, but it is often larger than a center cap. A true center cap is smaller. Center caps are usually used on vehicles with alloy wheels or styled steel wheels as opposed to stamped steel wheels.

What types of wheel finishes are available for a Lincoln vehicle?

There are several types of finishes appropriate for your Lincoln MKZ or any Lincoln model, including:

  • Chrome - Chrome plating is chromium that's been electrochemically deposited on the surface of the wheel. It's a common choice for drivers who want a unique look for their Lincolns.
  • Polished finish - A polished finish is less bright than chrome, but it does have a glossy luster.
  • Full-face painted - This style includes paint on the full face of the wheel. Varieties of this may be available with different types and colors of paint.
  • Flange cut - These are painted wheels with outer lips that have a machined finish.
What is the difference between alloy and steel wheels?

The main differences between the two types of wheels are the style and strength. Alloy wheels are made from aluminum or magnesium, and are mixtures of metals with additional elements. A single metal is usually not as strong as an alloy. Alloys are often used in sedans for precision handling or improved gas mileage.

What are the options for Lincoln center caps?

Most center caps fall into one of the following categories:

  • OEM - OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts are those produced by Lincoln, the parent company Ford, or one of their designated producers.
  • Aftermarket - These are developed by third-party manufacturers. Using aftermarket caps can add variety to your Lincoln MKZ, but check specifications to ensure they are compatible.
  • Custom-made - Custom center caps are available, especially for high-end luxury cars like the Lincoln MKZ.
What could cause a center cap to come loose?

It's not uncommon for a center cap or hubcap to come loose during a drive. This doesn't necessarily indicate a problem. It could be that the driver simply hit a pothole or that the cap was not attached to the vehicle properly. If you are installing new center caps on your MKZ, check the owner's manual for directions on proper installation and attachment.