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Land Rover and Range Rover Wheel Center Caps

A wheel center cap is simply a small-sized hubcap that covers only the center portion of the wheel. Although its function is mainly decorative, it also protects the center, or hub, of the wheel as well as the wheel bearings. In addition, Land Rover and Range Rover wheel center caps carry the manufacturer's name.

What is the purpose of Land Rover wheel center caps?

Land Rover wheel center caps serve two purposes:

  • The first is to protect the center of the wheel, called the hub, from contamination by dirt, dust, moisture, or corrosion.
  • The second is to beautify the wheels with the eye-catching vehicle name imprinted on each center cap.
How are wheel covers different from wheel center caps?

Wheel covers are used to beautify plain wheels and cover the entire diameter of the face of the wheel. The Land Rover and Range Rover vehicles come standard with attractive, stylized wheels and with the center caps acting as accents carrying the Rover imprint.

Are hubcaps with the Rover imprint available?
  • Since the Rover name is protected by trademark, new OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) wheel center caps are only available from authorized Jaguar Land Rover manufacturers.
  • There are companies that buy used hubcaps as salvage and recondition them to like-new condition.
  • There are also companies manufacturing replica hubcaps which look like Land Rover or Range Rover hubcaps but lack the name or logo.
What are Range Rover baby moon center caps?

Baby moon center caps are plain round wheel center caps with a convex surface, giving the appearance of a small moon. All Range Rover center caps have a type of baby moon except for those come with the actual name Land Rover or Range Rover as a center imprint.

How do Land Rover and Range Rover center caps attach?

Land Rover and Range Rover wheel center caps are snap-on style caps. They are seated by tapping the outer rim gently with the heel of the hand until the cap is seated evenly and securely. Be sure to check and re-seat the caps after any service work involving the wheels, tires, or brakes.

How come the Land Rover center caps get damaged?

Center wheel caps are commonly damaged by road debris, but the number one enemy of any wheel center cap is curbs. Bumping against curbs or running up against curbs causes more damage to center caps than all other causes combined.