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Jeep Grand Cherokee Wheel Center Caps

The Jeep Grand Cherokee doubles as a rugged off-road vehicle and a stylish way to haul your kids and gear around town. If a wheel center cap goes flying on one of your excursions, you may not realize it until days later. Fortunately, stock replacements are available and easy to install.

Why should you replace center caps on your Jeep?

From an aesthetic standpoint, having one or more center caps missing makes your Jeep look ragged. Whether it is an early model that is a little rough around the edges or one that is fresh off the line, replacing missing wheel center caps is a simple way to take care of your ride.

Besides keeping up appearances, the center caps have a vital function to perform. They help deflect water and road grime away from the hub nut and wheel bearings. This deflection protects these critical components from corrosion and premature wear.

How do you choose the right Grand Cherokee center cap?

When you shop for center caps for the Jeep Grand Cherokee, you will find many choices. There is a wide range of trim package with numerous styles of center caps.

The foolproof way to be sure you are getting the right part is to work from the part number. If you still have one center cap on your Grand Cherokee, you can take it off and get the part number off the back. Keep this number on hand when you shop, and look for a match.

What are the center cap options for the Grand Cherokee?

The center caps available for this vehicle vary by size, style, and finish. Even within the same model year, there may be different styles used. The following list is a general overview of the options.

  • Size: Most of the Grand Cherokee wheel center caps are small, with diameters of either 2.5 or 2.19 inches. The exceptions are the 6.25-inch cap for the 1993 through 1995 steel wheels, the 5-inch cap for some 2001 trims, and the 4.375-inch caps for some 2002 through 2004 models.
  • Shape: Most Jeep center caps are round. The exceptions are the 5-inch and 4.375-inch styles, which have five spokes.
  • Finish: Jeep Grand Cherokee stock center caps may have silver, machined, chrome, charcoal, bronze, glossy black, or matte black finishes.
  • Emblem: Before 2006, the Jeep emblem in the center of the cap was engraved. After 2006, they were raised. The emblem is usually the same finish as the body, although a few are black-on-silver or silver-on-black.
  • SRT: The high-performance SRT package from 2016 through 2017 has a 2.5-inch, round, chrome or black center cap with the “SRT” logo in the center.
How do you replace Grand Cherokee center caps?

To remove the caps, you must take the wheels off and punch them out from the back. To replace them, push them in from the front until the retaining clips snap into place.