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Infiniti FX35 Wheel Center Caps

Wheel center caps can add personality to your Infiniti FX35 SUV. There are a variety of designs available, allowing you to take control of what your car looks like. By understanding more about these parts, you can choose a design that meets all your needs.

What are wheel center caps?

Wheel center caps are the small disks found in the very center of the wheel. They are also referred to as hubcaps. You don't want to confuse these with wheel covers, which is the part that goes across the entire diameter of the rim. Center caps can be purchased on their own or as a set with wheel covers. This allows you to control the amount of protection on the wheels of your FX35 as well as the overall aesthetic.

How are caps installed on a crossover vehicle?

Caps are installed easily and without any specialized tools. Before you can install them, you will need to remove the existing caps from your Infiniti SUV. This can often be done with your finger to lift them out of their place. There is often a small clip that holds them in place. Don't use too much force or you could break the cap on the FX35. Then, clean the center hole with a rag to remove dirt and moisture. From there, you can align the new center cap into place and push it into position. Depending on the design, pay attention to the location of the valve stem for a proper fit.

What are some designs available for an Infiniti FX35?

You will find plenty of designs for the caps on your Infiniti.

  • Infiniti logo
  • Trim level or engine details
  • Sports or organization emblem
  • Enameled colors
  • Spokes
What are the benefits of wheel center caps?

There are several benefits to having center caps on your wheels. The first is that it adds a personalized aesthetic. You can choose a sport or luxury design. The second is that it protects the bolts that attach to the wheel stems, so you don't have to worry about rust or corrosion. These issues can make it harder to remove the bolts when it's time to change a tire. It could also cause you to break a bolt or stem, leading to the cost of a replacement.

What are some of the common materials?

The wheel center caps for an Infiniti FX35 can be found in various materials. You will want to find a material that will withstand the environment you drive in on a regular basis.

  • Plastic
  • Titanium
  • Carbon fiber
  • Chrome
  • Steel alloy