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Wheel Center Caps for Chevrolet El Camino

A major component of the look of any Chevrolet El Camino is the wheel center caps, as they add style to the otherwise standard tires and protection to the lug nuts. Sometimes a hubcap can get lost or become broken and need replaced. You can find replacement center caps for Chevrolet El Comino in many different styles to suit your individual needs.

What is the purpose of wheel caps for El Camino?

Initially, center caps were used on vehicles to protect the bearings and spindle nut from debris accumulated during driving. Over time, chevrolet and many other companies began to utilize center wheel caps as a way to add style to their vehicles in addition to protection, often sporting their brand logos. The Chevrolet El Camino is a prime example that stands out by perfecting the truck's style, all the way down to the wheels.

How do you remove and replace center caps?

For many models, you can use a small suction cup or pry bar to pop the center caps loose. If the car has bolts holding on the cap, you will need to remove those before removing any of the center caps. Some models require you to remove the entire wheel and then insert a rod from the back to pop the cap loose.

Are Chevrolet El Camino center caps interchangeable?

You may use any cap from your El Camino on any other wheel, if you wish, as long as they are the same size and have not been modified. It is also possible to switch between models, such as other Chevrolet makes, with the same sized tires. As hubcaps, they should fit snugly over the lug nuts for added style. Though they may be primarily for style, you should still be sure that the fit is secure on your Chevrolet El Camino wheels so as not to lose them when in motion.

What are wheel center caps made of on El Caminos?

Unlike the engine in your El Camino, these covers can be made of a few different materials and still maintain their function. The material largely depends on the owner's sense of style along with the model of the Chevrolet. Wheel center caps can be made of a variety of metals and plastic. Some covers are even made of wood, which could match the interior console of your Chevrolet El Camino should you modify the dash or trim.