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Chevrolet Blazer Wheel Center Caps

The Chevy Blazer wheel center caps come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. They can be found with and without the distinctive Chevrolet logo. Find the right center wheel center caps for your Chevy in this wide selection of choices.

Is there a difference between factory original and aftermarket caps?
  • Factory original parts from the Original Equipment Manufacturer, labeled OEM, come already installed on new vehicles and you can also find replacements directly from Chevrolet.
  • Aftermarket center caps are made by independent manufacturers other than Chevrolet.
  • Replica center caps are designed to look like Chevy center caps but without the Chevrolet name or logo.
Are there aftermarket center caps with the Chevrolet logo?

The names Chevy and Chevrolet, along with the distinctive Chevrolet emblem, are registered trademarks of General Motors. You will not find aftermarket wheel center caps carrying the Chevy logo. You can, however, find aftermarket center caps in a variety of unique designs.

What kinds of Chevy wheel center caps are there?

There are many Chevrolet wheel center caps, but they come in two main configurations: small and large.

  • Small Chevrolet wheel center caps are snap-ons covering only the very center of the wheel, or the hub.
  • Large Chevy wheel center caps are bolt-ons covering the entire center of the wheel or the disk. The larger caps are held tight by the lug nuts themselves. Some larger caps are held on by screws which come with them.
What is the purpose of wheel center caps?

In addition to displaying the Chevy logo, the center cap protects the wheel bearings and spindle nut from dirt, moisture, and corrosion. Even though the hubs are now sealed at the factory, the wheel center caps offer an additional protection.

How can you protect the wheel center caps?

Minimizing loss and damage to the center caps requires a few simple steps:

  • If the center cap is a snap-on design, be sure it is evenly attached. If necessary, tap all the way around the edge gently with the palm or side of your hand.
  • For bolt-on center caps, be sure that the lug nuts are secure. Be careful not to over tighten.
  • If you have had any work done on your brakes, tires, or wheels, check the center caps immediately.
  • To reduce damage to the center caps, stay clear of curbs and try to avoid street debris.