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Chevrolet Astro Wheel Center Caps

Many parts of your Chevrolet Astro are strictly for function or aesthetics. Wheel center caps happen to be a part that serves both purposes. Chevrolet Astro wheel center caps protect your vehicle from excessive wear and tear and helps it look good at the same time.

What do wheel center caps do?

Wheel center caps are a decorative disc. As a type of hubcap, they go over the center of your Chevrolet's wheel in order to keep out potentially harmful road debris and dirt. The wheel center caps cover parts of the wheel and the lug nuts to increase your vehicle's visual appeal.

What factors should you consider when shopping for center caps?

There are several factors that should be taken into careful consideration when shopping for center caps for your Chevrolet. These include:

  • Size: These caps are not one-size-fits-all. You need to be sure you are purchasing the right size and the right type for your specific vehicle.
  • Material: Most wheel center caps are crafted of either plastic or metal. Plastic caps typically snap into place and are lightweight. They also help improve fuel efficiency. Metal caps are usually bolted to the wheel and are quite durable.
  • OEM or aftermarket: You can purchase caps that are from the Original Equipment Manufacturer, labeled as OEM, or aftermarket. OEM caps are made by Chevrolet or their chosen manufacturer. Aftermarket parts are made by other companies, and offer a wide variety of designs and color options. If you desire to have the Chevrolet logo on your wheel center caps, you will need to select OEM caps.
  • Finish: You can choose from several different finishes to give your vehicle its own unique look. Some finish options include chrome, matte, and gloss.
  • Specialty: If you prefer something unique, there are specialty and custom wheel center caps. Non-rotating caps stay in an upright orientation at all times, no matter the movement of the entire wheel. These are ideal for advertising or putting words or pictures on the center cap. Spinning caps stay in motion not necessarily in sync with the rest of the wheel.
Are wheel center caps difficult to install?

Most people can remove and install their wheel center caps on their own. You simply need a screwdriver and a lug wrench, depending on the type and material of your old and new wheel center caps. Once you have your new ones installed, it is important to take your Chevy for a short test drive to ensure they are all secure and will not fall off.