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Cadillac Seville Wheel Center Caps

Center caps for the wheels of your Cadillac Seville are available in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and styles. While center caps play a functional role in the performance of your Cadillac, they are also a unique way to enhance the visual appeal of the vehicle. It's a good idea to learn about the different Cadillac center cap options that you have to choose from, what they do, and how to care for them.

Why should you replace Cadillac wheel center caps?

The caps that adorn the center of your Cadillac's wheels are useful for two important reasons. It's important to obtain replacement center caps to continue protecting your Cadillac's wheels and prevent premature wear of other parts. Most of these caps are constructed from durable materials and plated with chrome. Other finishes that better match your Seville or your personal tastes are also available. Because center caps are attached to the outer center of your car's wheels, dirt and debris from the road can cause wear and tear over time.

  • Chrome center caps improve the appearance of your vehicle by hiding unsightly lug nut assemblies. They act as a cover for these parts and provide your vehicle with a classier, more uniform look.
  • In addition to hiding other parts of your Cadillac's wheelbase, the caps at the center of the wheels protect the car's axle as well. Both the axle and wheel hubs of your car will last longer and work better if they are protected by functioning center caps.
  • Center caps will also help to ensure any loose nuts are not damaged or lost should they happen to fall out of place.
What center caps are available?

Although every wheel covering performs the same basic function, there are several styles available to you. If you're looking for replacement parts because your current ones have worn out, you may wish to replace them with new chrome center caps featuring unique designs that match your vehicle, appeal to your personal style, or both.

  • You can select chrome center caps featuring the iconic Cadillac logo. These items are compatible with most Cadillac models, including the Seville.
  • If you prefer something besides basic chrome, many options are painted in various colors and still feature attractive Cadillac design elements.
  • Two-tone chrome-and-black caps or those with raised emblems provide a stylistic touch to your Cadillac's wheels.
How do you install Cadillac center caps?

If you're ready to replace your old covers with new ones, you can use these basic guidelines to perform a successful installation.

  • A metal retention ring will fit inside the new center caps.
  • Once the ring is firmly in place, position the center cap over the opening where the old unit was housed.
  • Press the center cap into place using firm, even pressure until it stops.
  • Do the same for the remaining wheels until you have a matching set of new center caps installed on your Cadillac.