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Cadillac CTS Wheel Center Caps

If you drive a Cadillac CTS, chances are that you appreciate the luxury of this mid-size sedan. Part of its appeal is in the line and finish of the exterior, including the wheel center caps. Rough roads can cause the loss of these small parts, but factory and aftermarket replacements are available.

Why should you replace Cadillac CTS wheel center caps?

Having pieces missing from your car is particularly unappealing if it’s a luxury brand. Replacing a missing or damaged center cap is one of the easier repairs you can make to keep your sedan looking sharp.

Besides adding cosmetic appeal, center caps help prevent the hub nut and wheel bearings from corroding and becoming caked with dirt. Much of the water and grime that’s tossed up from the surface of the street is deflected by the caps, helping to keep the inner workings of the wheels clean and dry.

How do you choose the right center caps?

Cadillac has been producing this sedan since 2003, and there are several styles of center caps that have been used over the years. They vary by size, finish, and style of logo.

To be sure you’re getting the center caps that go with your particular car, it’s a good idea to have the part number in hand while you look for replacement caps. If you remove one of the caps that are still on your car, you’ll find the part number on the back.

What options are available for Cadillac CTS center caps?

All the center caps for this car are round and have the Cadillac logo in the center. Beyond that, they vary according to the model year and trim package of the car. The following list is a brief overview of some of the center-cap styles that you can find for this car.

  • 2003 – 2004: The caps for these model years are typically 2.25 or 6.5 inches in diameter. Both sizes are silver and painted with the Cadillac logo in the center.
  • 2004 – 2007: These caps are typically 6.25 inches across. They may be silver painted or polished stainless steel with either a chrome or multicolored crest.
  • 2008 – 2009: The 6.5-inch caps for these model years are silver painted with a multicolored logo.
  • 2005 – 2014: An alternative to the larger caps described above for these model years is a 2.625-inch cap. It may be silver with a chrome or multicolored crest or black with the multicolored crest.
  • 2015 – 2017: The center caps for these model years are 2.625 inches in diameter. They can be silver or black with a raised or flat emblem. The emblem is either chrome or multicolored.
How do you replace center caps for this Cadillac sedan?

On some models, the center caps can be carefully pried out from the front. For others, you will have to take the wheels off and push the caps out from the back.

To install the caps, push them in from the front until they snap into place.