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Wheel Center Caps for Your Buick Riviera

Wheel center caps are just what they sound like: parts that conceal the center circle of your Buick's wheels. Originally designed to keep dirt out of wheel spokes, contemporary wheel center caps are generally more about aesthetics. They are one of the most common forms of wheel caps on the market.

What is the purpose of your Buick's wheel center caps?

In contemporary times, center caps are mainly a stylistic choice for automakers. Eye-catching hubcaps have long been a status symbol among car owners. When it comes to your Buick, the center caps are a combination of form and function. On some cars, they are used to conceal lug nuts or other wheel fasteners.

  • Style: The Buick Riviera cap is typically made of chrome with a stylized “R” logo in the center. The main function of this car part is aesthetic, adding style to the wheels of your vehicle.
  • Functionality: The hubcaps for your Buick's wheels also conceal the lug nuts and other smaller parts of your tires, protecting them from debris and potential damage.
Which center caps are good for Buicks?

Center caps are easy to get your hands on. You can find single replacement hubcaps, but more commonly, they come in packs of four. These are generally large and made of chrome, although the size will depend in part on your Buick's model year. The Riviera, for example, was marketed as a luxury car, and the center caps reflect great attention to detail and style.

  • Model year: The Riviera was in production for over 30 years. Knowing the exact model year of your edition will make it easier to find a center cap that fits properly.
  • Edition: Several variations of the Buick Riviera have been produced. These include convertibles, coupes, and sedans. If you know the make and trim model, it can be easier to find the proper replacement parts.
  • Color: Throughout the years, the look of the Riviera's hubcaps has evolved from solid discs of shiny chrome in the center of all four wheels to brushed alloy for a more matted effect. There are also gold-tone caps available for some model years.
  • Size: Over the years, the caps on the Buick Riviera have grown larger. Make sure the caps you are looking at fit the size of your wheels.
  • Custom: It's possible to give your Buick Riviera a totally personalized look by customizing the look of your wheels. By painting and trimming your own caps, you can bring your own vision to life.