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West Coast Choppers T-Shirts for Men

West Coast Choppers T-Shirts for Men

West Coast Choppers produces clothing for bikers and people who love to wear biker apparel. West Coast Choppers was founded in 1993 by biker enthusiast Jesse James. West Coast Choppers T-shirts for men is just one type of clothing offered by the company.

How do you pick a West Coast Choppers T-shirt?

There are many West Coast Choppers T-shirts to choose from, so whether youre looking for a simple T-shirt with their logo or with a large design that covers the entire front, there are options for you. Following simple guidelines can help you pick the right T-shirt from the Jesse James T-shirt line. They come in a variety of styles, including the following:

  • Look for the West Coast Choppers logo: Only T-shirts made by West Coast Choppers have the combination Maltese Cross/Iron Cross logo with “West Coast” written down the cross and “Choppers” written across the cross. The West Coast Choppers logo is available in the traditional black and white colors and other colors such as red and black.
  • Pick the material: These shirts are made with a variety of fabrics such as 100% cotton and mesh.
  • Choose the sleeve: West Coast Choppers T-shirts are available in long and short sleeve. Some T-shirts have the company logos along the long sleeve. Other shirts have thermals attached to a cotton short-sleeved T-shirt. The latter is called the double T-shirt thermal.
  • Select a graphic: Some Jesse James T-shirts do not feature the traditional West Coast Choppers T-shirt logo. Instead, they have the company name in the graphics. The T-shirts such as Ironworks, Busted Knuckles, and Vintage Lock Up shirts feature the company name embedded in graphics.

You can also choose a West Coast Choppers accessory as they make other casual wear, such as hoodies, workshop-style T-shirts, hats, shorts, and pants. They all include the West Coast Choppers logo.

What sizes and colors do the shirts come in?

West Coast Choppers T-shirt sizes range from extra-small all the way up to 5XL. They are available in a variety of solid colors, such as black, grey, tan, and black. There are some with multi-colors as well.

What additional features do the shirts have?

West Coast Choppers have a variety of screen print T-shirts by Jesse James. T-shirts includes city tags like Long Beach and Los Angeles underneath the West Coast Chopper logo. You can select from the West Coast Choppers tee for men that has a vintage or the West Coast Choppers emblem.

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