Strength Training Weight Plates

Strength training weight plates are ideal for beginners who want to get fit and for professional athletes who want to build their physique. The weight plates you choose will depend on the type of weight training you are doing and your physical ability.

Olympic Plates

Olympic plates have a 2” hole. They fit most commercial weight bars and are suited to commercial use or professional gym use. Standard plates have a 1” hole and are usually used in home gyms and for personal training. Olympic plates are ideal for weight training and strength training, not to mention that they come in a huge range of colors and sizes. The color of plate will correspond to the weight.

Studio Plates

Studio weight plates are specific to group exercises. They are coated in rubber and are very small in size. Studio plates have a 30cm hole and are very brightly colored. They are easy to identify and they are designed so that they can be quickly added and removed from the bar.

Training Bumper Plates

Training bumper plates vary in depth. Most, however, will have a similar diameter. Training bumper plates are suited to those who want to compete professionally and they often follow the exact specifications of competition plates. Training plates are not available in bright colors and tend to be either black or color coded by the weight itself.

Powerlifting Plates

Powerlifting plates are available in cast iron, chrome metal or steel. They are very thin and they allow multiple weights to be added to a bar. These plates are designed for powerlifting and they are suited to elite lifters and those who are of a more advanced level of strength. Plates are designed so that they are closer to your centre of gravity, so you won't experience any whip when squatting.