Healthy Weight Management With A Medical Weight Scale

Knowing your current correct weight can help your doctor understand what's happening with your body. If you've maintained a healthy weight, you've probably made healthy life choices. You can find a variety of medical weight scales at the lowest prices at eBay.

Considerations when purchasing a medical weight scale
  • How to read the scale
  • Who will be using the scale
  • How often the person is required to record their weight
  • Where the scale is going to be stored
What type of scale is best for home use?

To monitor their health, some patients are encouraged to get medical scales for home use. Depending on the situation, a portable medical scale is a good choice for home use. It can be either a digital scale or a manual scale. Whether a person can read and document their correct weight is what matters. A scale that's difficult to read or one that gives inconsistent measurements probably will not be used. A portable medical scale can be easily stored when not in use.

What type of scales do doctors use?

One of the reasons why doctors need to know your correct weight is so they can prescribe the correct dosage of medicine. Your body weight has a lot to do with what medicines your body can tolerate. Many doctors' offices have a digital medical scale with a height rod as part of their standard patient scales medical equipment. This type of medical weight scale gives nurses the ability to take the patient's height as well as their weight. The scales are also tall enough to measure almost any body size.

What's the difference between a bariatric and a regular scale?

An example, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, of an obese person is someone who's five foot nine inches tall and weighs 203 pounds with a body mass index of 30 or more. A regular weight scale may not be safe for someone who is obese. A bariatric scale is designed to use when taking the weight of persons who are overweight or obese. The primary difference between regular scales and bariatric scales is that a bariatric scale consists of a medical scale with handrails and non-slip surfaces.