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Lose Weight with the Ideal Protein Diet

Getting the right amount of protein in your diet isnt always easy. Ideal serves up a variety of protein packets designed to help dieters supplement their nutritional intake, all of which can be found on eBay at affordable prices. Select protein drinks may also serve as meal replacements to help with cutting down on extra calories and fat, as well as helping to build muscle.

What flavors does Ideal Protein offer?

The selection of different beverages and flavors appears vast. In addition to traditional protein powder shake flavors, Ideal Protein offers a few genuinely unique ones that may cater to those interested in something different. Ideal doesnt only provide shake drinks; teas and cappuccino sit alongside shakes on the companys choice list. The beverage flavors include:

  • Classic Chocolate and Vanilla
  • Strawberry Kiwi
  • Hibiscus and Watermelon
  • Wild Berry Yogurt
  • Orange
Does Ideal Protein provide any high-protein breakfast mixes?

Ideal Protein does provide several different mixes designed for morning meals. These include various omelet choices featuring ham, cheese, and more. Alternatives available on eBay with a higher carb content include the multitude of protein pancakes such as plain ones or chocolate chip. Various cereals and options for oatmeal further expand the morning meals. The breakfast items can act as filling snacks as well.

How many grams of protein are in each Ideal packet?

The answer depends on the specific Ideal Protein food or beverage selection. Ideal Protein lemon wafers come with 15 grams of protein per packet. Other choices could come with a greater or lesser amount of protein. The Milk Chocolate Pudding Mix comes with 18 grams of protein. The Ideal Complete Vanilla Drink Mix features 22.5 grams of protein.

What are the Ideal Complete Meal Replacement choices?

As the name suggests, Ideals Complete Meal Replacement options provide a substitute for a typical "meat, egg, and vegetable" meal to aid weight loss. Meal replacements come with a balance of protein, carbs, vitamins, and other nutrients in a relatively low-calorie serving. The meal replacement options come in the form of shakes and snacks. Vanilla Crispy Squares and the Toffee and Pretzel Bar represent two food snacks. The expected chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry shakes are joined by a raspberry and coconut drink.

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