Keeping Birds off Your Property With Anti Bird Spikes

Birds can cause considerable frustration around your compound. They can nest, roost, or land on surfaces, causing a disturbance and damage. Bird spikes are strips of rods that you can erect on surfaces to deter birds. Search the comprehensive range of bird spike supplies on eBay.

Are anti-bird spikes humane?

Yes. The vertical or angled strips on a bird spike are designed to discourage landing without harming the birds. These spikes can attach to various surfaces, including street lighting, fences, and signage to act as visual barriers. They protrude upwards, but the ends are blunt to avoid hurting birds. Bird spikes are considered some of the most humane ways to control birds. It is why they are legal in most regions.

How bird spikes stay in place

Spikes are effective when looking for a way to stop birds sitting on your TV aerial. Bird prevention strips won't fall off because the majority of spikes come with a unique UV stabilised adhesive to attach them to surfaces. Some strips come with pre-drilled holes where you can use screws to secure the installations. Screwing bird spikes onto surfaces offers a more permanent attachment than using an adhesive. Cable ties are used when setting up strips on round surfaces such as pipes, TV antennas, and circular beams. Using glue before tying the cables will keep the attachments secure for long.

Where can you set up pigeon spikes?

Bird prevention strips are built to suit a variety of surfaces. The material, width, and length of bird spikes depend on where they are installed. When choosing bird strips, you have to know where to set them up. Here are common places:

  • Wide ledges, which include beams, brick walls, and joists. These surfaces need wide strips to cover the entire surface.
  • Narrow ledges, such as electrical conduits, pipes, and sprinkler systems require spikes with small widths.
  • Solar cells require special strips that are installed around the panels.
Effectiveness of bird spikes

Pigeon protection spikes are designed to deter more than just pigeons. They will work for any bird that is the size of a pigeon or larger. You can get small bird spike strips if you are dealing with smaller-sized birds. How well the spikes work depends on the length of their length and the angle. When you place spikes on surfaces, they cover the areas that birds can use to walk on and land. Besides birds, pigeon spikes can deter other small animals, such as squirrels.