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From Wedgwood, Royal Copenhagen, and Meissen.

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Wedgwood China & Dinnerware

For over 200 years, Wedgwood fine china has been sought after by kings, queens and common folk for its unusual beauty. Started originally as Queensware for Queen Charlotte of England, this high quality china developed by Josiah Wedgwood spread out into basalts used on vases, redware, white semi-porcelain, and Jasperware. The last item encompasses the subtle colors and Arcadian sprigs, or bas relief figures most people are familiar with.

What patterns are available?

Wedgwood patterns available include:

  • Runnymede: Runnymede plates and cups have shells and arabesques against a dark blue background at the rims and a medallion of flowers and shells in the centers.
  • Kutani Crane: This Japanese-inspired work features cranes among peony flowers and bamboo.
  • Nantucket: Nantucket is cream colored with a basketweave texture.
  • Edme: Edme is more ivory-colored with a reeded decoration.
  • Oberon: There are a few types of Oberon designs. The edges of lids, bowls and plates all have bands of olive green and gold with a key design at their ends. But some pieces are plainly decorated with a thin gold band while others have a floral pattern.
  • Morning Glory: Central morning glories and other flowers surrounded by a band of bell flowers make up this design.
  • Charnwood: This charming design features flowers and butterflies all over the piece.
  • Napoleon Ivy: This design features has a garland of ivy leaves and ivy berries around the inside rim of the plates and saucers and around the middle of the cups.
  • There are also Peter Rabbit figurines and dinner services on offer.
What kinds of Wedgwood items are available?

Items available include:

  • Dinner services. These can include a tea cup and saucer, a dinner plate, a salad plate and a bread plate. They can be for one serving or several. Components are also sold separately.
  • Covered jars
  • Demitasse cups. These are cups that are smaller than teacups and used to serve coffee.
  • Coupe cereal bowls
  • Trinket boxes and trinket holders
  • Egg coddlers, which keep eggs warm.
  • Christmas ornaments
  • Silverware. The handles of the silverware are ceramic and have Wedgwood patterns.
What are the available items made of?

Wedgwood items can be made from many different materials, including:

  • Bone china. Part of the ingredients in bone china are indeed the ashes of animal bones. To authenticate whether a piece is made of bone china, hold it up to a light. Bone china is somewhat translucent, so you should be able to see the fingers that are holding the item. Bone china also has a distinctive ring to it.
  • Jasperware, which can either be considered porcelain or stoneware.
  • Creamware, which is a type of earthenware. Created around the mid 18th century, it features a lead glaze over a cream-colored item.
  • Metallized bone china, which is coated with a thin layer of metal and is extremely hard to break.
  • Ironstone. This is a type of ceramic that is usually massed produced and strong enough for daily use.

The main colors of the Wedgwood items are white, black, the famous Wedgwood blue, sage green, cobalt blue, red, lilac, and olive green. Most Wedgwood stemware is clear.

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