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Waterproof Cases and Covers for the Samsung Galaxy Note II

Smartphones are devices that many people keep with them at all times. You may want to protect your Samsung Galaxy Note II from mishaps like being caught in the rain or dropped in a puddle. You can safeguard your device with a waterproof case that blocks and even repels liquids.

Why should you get a waterproof cover or case?

Your Samsung Galaxy Note II phone is an investment. It isn’t a waterproof device, however, and waterproof cases are a type of protection designed to make your smartphone somewhat or fully impermeable to water and other liquids. These cases offer varying degrees of protection and usability. Some cases don’t interfere with usability but only withstand the rain and a brief drop in a puddle. Others shelter the electronics entirely and keep the phone water-free in most weather conditions.

Is there a difference between a cover and a case?

The not-so-simple answer is that it depends on the maker. Technically, there is a difference, and a case generally offers more protection than a cover. However, when it comes to waterproof cases and covers for phones, the words are often used interchangeably.

How does waterproof differ from water-resistant?

When it comes to protection from water for your devices, there are three main types: water-repellent, water-resistant, and waterproof.

  • Water-resistant: This is the lowest level of defense and resists water only to a small degree, such as causing it to bead.
  • Water-repellent: This is the second tier of defense, which causes a much stronger beading reaction and resists being permeated by water.
  • Waterproof: This is the highest level of fortification and means that the case protects the smartphone from any intrusion by water.

Waterproofing often has conditions. Most products will list them. For example, a case may be waterproof when dropped in a toilet or puddle but not able to withstand the pressure of being dropped in the deep end of a pool.

Do you need to personalize your case?

You may not need to personalize the case at all. An advantage of buying a waterproof case designed specifically for your Samsung Galaxy Note II is that all aspects of the case are precisely sized for it. You should expect a snug fit as soon as you mount the case. If a product requires customization, then it’s generic and not made specifically for your phone.

What other features does a waterproof case have?

Cases for phones and other devices come in a wide range of styles ranging from simple black to character-themed. They also have many different features, including:

  • A belt clip or lanyard hook.
  • Screen protection.
  • Impact resistance.
  • Texture for better grip.
  • Colors such as neutrals and pastels.
  • Support for wireless charging.
  • A lock or other security mechanism.
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