Watch Battery 377

The watch battery 377 powers the most common brands of watches. One of the benefits it offers is a longer overall life, reducing the costs involved with replacement at shorter intervals. This 377 battery is versatile and offers a broad variety of uses in addition to powering watches, and eBay makes it easy to find the specific battery you need.

Do these batteries only power watches?

The watch battery 377 is able to power several types of electronics commonly used in addition to watches, and eBay is a great place to find the affordable battery you need. This battery's overall versatility puts it in high demand for many consumer products, ranging from products used for lighting to personal medical devices. Buyers can feel confident about this battery's ability to keep the necessary devices running in good order. Some of the other uses for 377 batteries include the following:

  • Clocks
  • Flashlights and LED lights
  • Glucose meters
  • Laser pointers
Are the 376 and 377 watch batteries interchangeable?

Watch battery 377 buyers often wonder if there is a difference between 376 and 377 battery options for good reason. In most cases, these two batteries are interchangeable, which is good news for buyers who get a lot of use out of their watches or own multiple devices that use these types of batteries. For ideal results, 377 battery buyers should consult the documentation that came with their watch. Even though these batteries have a high interchangeability rate, checking the documentation always helps avoid any difficulties.

Are the watch battery 377 equivalent and 377A the same?

The difference is that the 377 has a silver oxide base, while the 377A is alkaline. In most cases, the two variations can be used interchangeably, however, some specialized electronics may specifically require using the 377 rather than the 377A. Of the two, the 377 battery equivalent has a longer life, saving you from having to replace the battery more often. Another difference is that the non-alkaline version has no mercury, which makes it safer for the environment when it is eventually disposed of. These batteries are available on eBay as either singles or packs, meeting a need for anyone who has the need for buying a larger number of these batteries at one time.