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Getting a Wallet Case For Your Cell Phone

A case will protect your Samsung Galaxy S7 phone from any drops or damages. The cover also keeps the screen on your Galaxy S7 covered and protected. One choice you have for a cover is a wallet case.

A wallet case is designed to work as a wallet. It not only holds your phone but also added credit cards among other items.

What Is the Size and Build?

The wallet case you order for your Samsung Galaxy S7 must be made with that specific model in mind. The Galaxy S7 requires a case that can handle its 5.61 by 2.74 by 0.31-inch body.

The physical design of the cover can also include points that retain the functionality of the phone even when the case is closed:

  • Speaker. A small opening may allow the speaker on your phone to stay open.
  • Headphone Jack. The headphone jack should still be open so you can use a corded headset with the phone.
  • Charging Port. The port must be kept open so the phone will still be protected while you are charging the unit up.
  • Camera Lens. An opening is needed for allowing the camera lens to stay functional and open.

How Do You Add It?

The wallet case should provide you with a quick approach to adding your phone onto its body. You might have to affix the phone to a hard-shell border or use a small strap on the end of the case to keep the phone attached. Either way, this will only work when the case is fitted to hold your phone.

What Is It Made Of?

The material that your wallet case is made of will vary, but in most instances, you can find cases with leather materials. Leather is popular as it matches up with anything you might find on a traditional leather wallet. Synthetic materials like nylon may also be used depending on the model you order.

Review the Card Pockets

Your wallet case should come with pockets for credit cards, business cards and anything else you want to carry around. A single compartment should fit one or two cards at a time. The total number of cards your case can hold will vary based on the model you order and how each slot is laid out.

What About Other Features?

You may find a Galaxy S7 wallet case with various features:

  • Magnetic Snap. A magnetic enclosure can close up and secure the wallet.
  • Folio. Add a folio and use it to organize more cards on a slim body.
  • Stand. You may also find a stand feature that lets you prop up your phone at an angle when on a flat surface.

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