Wall Ovens

Wall ovens create space in your kitchen. Double and single wall ovens come in many styles and with features that can help add comfort, convenience, and style to your home. Convection and conventional wall ovens can handle roasting, baking, and broiling your favorite foods.

How is a wall oven different from a traditional oven?

The traditional combination of oven and range are built together as one appliance placed in-line with your counter. Wall ovens, however, save space by being stored in the wall instead. A separate countertop range completes your kitchen. Wall ovens are generally placed at eye level, making it easy to see inside and get items in and out of. Combination wall ovens come with a microwave, and by installing your microwave and stove in the wall, you can free up additional room in your kitchen.

How do I choose a wall oven?

  • Select a type — Wall ovens are available in pairs or singles and can come built together with a microwave. You can choose between electric, gas, convection, or true convection as the cooking method.
  • Select your features — Most appliance manufacturers offer many of the features you have come to expect in wall ovens, such as self-cleaning, preheat, built-in temperature probes and drawers, timers, and broilers.
  • Select the finish — Wall ovens come with in several different types of stylish finishes, including black, white, and stainless steel.

What are the benefits of a double wall oven?

Double wall ovens are good if you're frequently making large batches of food as you get double the baking space. By eliminating the need to shuffle dishes between racks, double wall ovens save you time and ensure that everything is evenly done. A single wall oven still offers two to three racks to bake on and could be enough if you generally do small amounts of baking.

How does the type of wall oven affect baking?

  • Gas wall ovens — By heating with gas, wall ovens heat up fast and are energy efficient. The temperature and humidity inside can fluctuate though.
  • Electric Wall Ovens — An electric oven is a classic for a reason. Its controlled dry heat helps create a crisp, golden brown finish on your cooking and baking.
  • Convection Wall Ovens — The standard in commercial bakeries, the convection oven is ideal for baking bread and sweet treats. Convection means that built in fans continuously circulate air to keep a constant and even temperature throughout.
  • True Convection Wall Ovens — Also known as European convection, a third heater is located in front of the convection fan so that the air is heated as it is circulated. This creates perfectly even and consistent temperatures, which can produce flawless baked goods.