A Quick Guide to Wall Clocks

A wall clock is not only a household necessity, but it can also be a stylish home accent piece. Features like analog roman numerals or digital displays can reflect a classic or high-tech style, an oversized silver metal clock can turn a wall into a decor feature, and a beautiful and ornate antique piece can lend a stately touch. Available in a wide variety of designs and themes, choosing a wall clock to complement your decor can be easy and fun as new, used, and refurbished clocks can be found on eBay.

What are some styles of wall clocks?

You can find a wide variety of styles and themes of new wall clocks, including:

  • Classic and traditional: These clocks generally feature simple numbers or roman numerals that make checking the time at a glance easy.
  • Rustic, nautical, and country: These themes typically feature pictures of animals or rural and seaside scenes.
  • Contemporary: This style often uses an abstract design that may lack numbers all together.
  • Vintage and antique: These styles of wall clocks may be simple or ornate, and they may have a midcentury or an older look.
  • Novelty: A number of fun options are also available, ranging from famous characters and well-known brands to glow-in-the-dark and reversed numeral designs.

What kinds of colors do wall clocks come in?

Wall clocks are available in a wide array of colors to fit any decor style. Classic black and white, silver or antique metal, and natural, brown, or dark wood choices have timeless appeal. Fun colors like red or turquoise are also available. Most clocks feature a high-contrast face with a white background and black numbers or roman numerals to make seeing the time easier.

What kinds of materials are wall clocks made from?

Clocks for wall hanging are typically made from plastic, metal, or wood. Clock faces can have either plastic or glass bezels. Some novelty clocks can also have a neon lighting element that may or may not be lighted.

What are some special features of wall clocks?

Special features beyond simply keeping time can be either practical or decorative. Often found in the kitchen or another busy room, some digital clocks can show readings of the indoor or outdoor temperature, display the date, and have the ability to set an alarm or a timer. A swinging pendulum is most commonly found on fancier wood and metal clocks, but some other styles also feature a pendulum.