Wall Chargers for iPhone 5

Wall chargers can plug directly into the wall and thereby organize the wires. They generally have one, two, or three ports, giving you the option of charging several phones at a time.

Why isn_x001A_t your Apple iPhone 5 charging?

Charging a phone requires many different parts to work effectively in transferring power, such as the socket, charger, USB cable, charging port, and battery. If just one of these parts is broken or is not working properly, your phone will not charge optimally or may not even charge at all.

When your device is having problems charging, one way to narrow down the cause is to use the process of elimination. First, make sure the electricity wherever you are charging your device is working for other devices. If it is, then just the socket might be broken. In order to see if that is the case, insert your wall charger into a different socket. If your phone is still not charging, try using a different wall charger. If this doesn't work and your charger has a replaceable cable, then try using a different cable.

If you tried these steps and your phone is still not working, then the problem might be with the phone itself and not with the devices that you were trying to charge it with. More specifically, the battery, charging port, or another part of your phone may not be working properly.

Will your charging cable work on other Apple iPhones?

That depends on which Apple iPhone you are trying to charge. The iPhone 5 uses a lightning cable to charge. Such a cable is compatible not only with that phone but also with all of the later iPhone models that use the same lightning cable. Earlier versions of the Apple iPhone use a regular USB cable that is incompatible with the iPhone 5.

How do you know if your iPhone is charging?

Whenever you plug your Apple device in to charge, you can make sure that it is indeed charging as a light should appear when it's charging. If your device had no power to begin with or is locked, then a green power bar should appear to signify that your phone is charging. If you are using your phone while charging it, you will see a lightning bolt over the power icon. A fully charged battery is identified by a plug icon.

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