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Walbro String Trimmer Carburetors

Since 1950, Walbro has manufactured parts for engines and fuel systems for a variety of equipment and automobiles. If you are ready to swap out the carburetor in your string weed eater, you can find a Walbro carburetor that will fit your trimmer model.

What are common brands that accept Walbro carburetors?

Common brands that have used Walbro fuel and engine parts include Ryobi, Husqvarna, Craftsman, and Echo. There are a variety of other generic brands that are compatible with the model as well. If you have the service manual of your weed eater available, you can look at the specifications to see if the Walbro carburetors are compatible with your model.

What is the weight of these Walbro parts?

Since a weed eater’s engine is small, the Walbro carburetor is also not going to be large or heavy. Depending on your engine's make and model, it will weigh around 3 ounces and have dimensions of approximately 4 inches by 1.5 inches by 7 inches. The small size of this part is designed to make it easy to install as well as check.

What materials are the carburetor parts from Walbro made of?

You will find Walbro carburetors and engine accessories available using cast iron, zinc, or aluminum, as well as a combination of different materials.

  • Zinc: If there is zinc in the carburetor, you will notice it may look slightly green. This is due to a protective acid finish applied by Walbro to protect the part against rust and fuel corrosion.
  • Cast iron: With a black oxide finish, your cast-iron carburetor may have been painted black for appearance.
  • Aluminum: This softer metal is used by Walbro due to its durability and light weight.
How long should a string trimmer's carburetor last?

While some can last over three or four years, the Walbro's life span can vary based on the use and maintenance of the equipment. Make sure you add the correct cycle oil to the fuel, as the Walbro needs the right fuel cycles to run efficiently. In addition, ensure that the carburetor is regularly used and the fuel is ethanol-free.

Is the size of the carburetor's diaphragm important?

With diameters measured in millimeters and a weight of less than a pound, you will barely know the diaphragm is there. However, if you are choosing between two engine carburetors, you will want to verify the diaphragm size to find the right one. Check with your service manual.

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