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Wakeboard Towers

Wakeboard Towers for Fun in the Sun

Wakeboard towers keep you riding higher waves and floating farther from the boat. eBay carries new and used wakeboard towers that are sure to keep you on the water all day. Shop the vast selection on eBay to find one or more towers that fit your boat.

What are some features of the wakeboard tower?

Wakeboard towers have a few simple features that are very important. One is the finish of the tower, which is often coated metal or a finished aluminum alloy. Some people prefer that they have a white or black-coated metal to avoid getting flashed by the suns reflection. Others like the clean, shiny look of aluminum that matches their boats hardware.

The wakeboard tower offers a preferable alternative to attaching wakeboarding ropes to the back of the boat hitch. With a tower, you get a higher rope and more waves. You will want to get a taller wakeboarding tower if you want to hit some really high waves without a lot of resistance. So, the height is an important feature to consider when buying. Keep in mind the combined height of your boat deck and the wakeboard tower to make sure the rope is attached high enough out of the water.

What types of wakeboard towers are there?

Towers come in several shapes. The different shapes have a different feel, so you may want to test out the types on a friends boat before you buy. The shapes are rather different, and offer various types of wind resistance for the boat as well as resistance for the rope that is attached. The basic shapes are the following:

  • Tall triangular
  • Stacked prongs
  • U-shaped prongs
  • Bent rectangle
Wakeboard towers: fixed vs. collapsible

Towers come in two types: fixed and collapsible. The fixed versions tend to cost a little less and are very sturdy. They also have fewer parts to break and dont require the extra hands that are sometimes needed to fold a tower down. If you prefer that your tower just stay up after its installed, this may be the option for you.

If you want to store your boat inside, whether storage is a garage or an outbuilding, you will probably need to look at a collapsible tower. These can be tougher to collapse than you might think, so consider getting a fold-assist if you have to put away your boat by yourself.