Why the Wacom Intuos3 Is Still a Great Buy

Wacom leads the industry in pen tablets, and the Wacom Intuos 3 is one of the devices that earned them that distinction. By simply plugging in the USB cable and installing the drivers, you can open the door to artistic expression and professional digital rendering for a fraction of the cost with an Intuos 3. If you want to experiment with digital art without risking the expense of more costly tablets, the Wacom Intuos 3 tablets found on eBay might be the perfect solution.

Is the Intuos 3 compatible with Photoshop?

The Wacom Intuos 3 is perfectly suited for use in Photoshop and many other graphics programs. Your Wacom tablet will unlock the potential of Photoshop by providing an intuitive interface that feels much like drawing with a pencil on a pad of paper. The buttons on your stylus will let you quickly use Photoshop functions that will greatly speed your workflow.

Can you use a standard mouse with the Intuos 3?

A standard mouse is compatible with the Intuos 3 as a separate device, but it will not work on the tablet itself. The Wacom Intuos 3 uses a mouse specifically designed to function on its surface. When you want to use your Intuos 3 pen or mouse, simply set aside your standard mouse.

What's the difference between the Intuos 3 and other tablets?

Here are some differences:

  • Sensitivity: The Intuos 3 pen has over 1000 levels of touch sensitivity that register the pressure you put on the pen. A traditional stylus creates a fixed line with no variation.
  • Movement: The Intuos 3 pen glides across the surface of the tablet, and its responsive, pressure-sensitive tip lets you control the quality of your line in a comfortable way. With a choice between several included nibs to choose from, you can select the pen tip that will give you the optimal feedback.
  • Nib: The Wacom tablet for the Intuos 3 is only .6 inches thick and sits comfortably on your lap as you work. With an Intuos 3, you have complete control over the expressiveness of your line in an intuitive way.
Will the Wacom Intuos 3 Work on Windows 10?

The most recent Wacom drivers no longer support the Intuos 3, but legacy Wacom Intuos 3 drivers are still available as a download from Wacom's support page. Be sure you download the correct drivers for your tablet. Wacom drivers support Windows 10 but do not support Windows 10 S.

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