Classic and Reliable Vanagons for Sale on eBay

Volkswagen Vanagon vans were the T2-type transport vehicles produced by the Volkswagen company between 1979 and 2002. The angular construction style and round lights were a prominent feature of these vans. If you're looking to own a classic VW Vanagon, eBay can help in finding a Vanagon that's in great shape.

Models of Volkswagen Vanagon

Since there is no distinct classification of models, it may be difficult to distinguish between the first-generation and second-generation Vanagons. Here is a guide to help you distinguish each model.

  • First-generation VW Vanagon: Earlier models were produced between 1979 and 1985. The vast majority of these vehicles used an air-cooled engine that was installed until 1983. You can also distinguish these models by their chrome-plated steel bumpers with plastic-end caps. The original engine is either 1.6L H4 petrol or 2.0L H4 petrol, which is not used in second-generation vans.
  • Second-generation VW Vanagon: Models after 1986 used a water-cooled engine that complemented an advanced engine management system, rev counter, and redesigned air conditioning. Optional four-wheel drive, alloy wheels, fabrics, and rectangular headlights are also common in the second-generation Volkswagen models. The model was   manufactured until the end of its production in 2002.

What are the different types of engine configurations?

All Volkswagen Vanagons used either petrol or diesel engines. The petrol engines are common in the first-generation models that were equipped with 1.6L or 2.0L air-cooled petrol engines. In contrast, models produced after 1983 used 1.9L or 2.1L petrol water-cooled engines.

Diesel engines were also used in a variety of later models. Instead of the standard flat-four gasoline engine on most contemporary vans, Volkswagen opted for an I4 inline configuration for its diesel engines. Among these, a turbocharged diesel engine was also available for sale.

Don't be surprised if you find a 3.2L or 3.7L VW-Oettinger Wasserboxer fuel-injected engine as these were sold as an aftermarket upgrade. Similarly, 2.3L, 2.5L, and 2.6L petrol engines were also common, but they were only intended for the South African market.

Features and accessories used in the Volkswagen Vanagon

Each used or pre-owned Vanagon model may differ from the next due to a variety of features available to buyers. Amenities such as power steering, power locks, air conditioning, fabric design, electronically controlled heated mirrors, lighted vanity mirrors, and light above the glove box were common in many vans. Depending on the need, a three-speed automatic and a four-speed manual transmission were also offered. Similarly, four-wheel-drive models were equipped with a five-speed manual transmission.

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